Saving ChristmasTown 2023

December 2nd and 3rd 2023 at the Mount Baker Theatre!

Tickets on Sale @ MBT

2023 SCT Cast List

Check entire cast list-some groups have multiple dances

2023 SCT Fall Schedule

Please check every Saturday for rehearsal times. The schedule changes at the end of October. Make sure you are attending rehearsals to ALL your cast parts.

Pictures Saturday, October 21st

2023 SCT Cast Commitments

Summer Workshop


Friday and Saturday Rehearsals

Every Friday or every other Saturday Sept 8th-Oct 14th, every Saturday beginning Saturday, October 21st.

Dress Rehearsals

At The Dance Studio    November 21st 4:00-6:00PM  (Tuesday)

At Mount Baker Theatre    December 1st 5-7PM (Friday)


Saturday, December 2nd at 2PM and 7PM

Sunday, December 3rd at 2PM

SCT Cast Party!

Saturday, December 9th 5-7PM

Check in your costume and get ready for pizza, cotton candy, popcorn, and our annual epic dance party!

SCT Expenses and Fees

$15 Audition Due at registration (Monday, May 15th last date)
$20 Costume Rental (covers maintenance and cleaning)- Due Oct. 15th
$100 Summer Workshop- (due July 23rd)
$115 Friday/Saturday Rehearsals- (due Sept. 15th)