Saving ChristmasTown 2024

December 13th and 14th 2024 at the Mount Baker Theatre!

Tickets on Sale @ MBT Fall 2024

2024 SCT CAST AND Audition Schedule

Check entire cast list-some groups have multiple dances

2024 SCT Fall Schedule

In general, every other Saturday, Sept 14-October 26, every Saturday Nov 2-Nov 23. Make sure you are attending rehearsals to ALL your cast parts.

Pictures TBD

2024 SCT Cast Commitments

Summer Workshop

JULY 29TH-AUG 2ND 1 hour/day between 9-5PM


Saturday Rehearsals

Every other Saturday, Sept 14-October 26, every Saturday Nov 2-Nov 23

Dress Rehearsals

At The Dance Studio    DEC 7TH 2-4PM  (SATURDAY)

At Mount Baker Theatre    DEC 12TH 5-7PM (THURSDAY)


Friday, DEC 13TH @ 6:30PM

Saturday, DEC 14TH at 2PM and 6:30PM

SCT Cast Party!

Sunday, DEC 15TH 2-4PM

Check in your costume and get ready for pizza, cotton candy, popcorn, and our annual epic dance party!

SCT Expenses and Fees

$15 Audition Due at registration (Monday, May 4th last date)
$20 Costume Rental (covers maintenance and cleaning)

$10-50 missing item or late costume return
$100 Summer Workshop
$115 Saturday Rehearsals

SCT Summer Workshop 2025: July 28th-August 1st