Registration opens June 7th for the 2024-2025 Dance Year

Current Students Register June 4th-opens at 7AM online

2024-2025 Schedule

We accept registration through the month of October.  Beginning November 1st, we no longer enroll dancers for the 2024-2025 dance year.

The 2024-2025 Session begins on Tuesday, September 3rd.  We offer a full year session- September 3rd to June 14th. With our Winter Showcase February 2025 and Year End production June 20-22, 2025.

2024-2025 Dance Schedule

Ballet/Tap/Creative Movement

An hour Ballet/Tap/Creative Movement class designed for 3–5 year olds. Dancers will begin to learn basic Ballet & Tap technique while being introduced to spatial and musical movements. Creative Movement introduces 3–4 year olds to the art of dance and spatial movement while fun dance activities allow the dancer to explore their space through musical movement.

Ages 3–5 (Pre Kindergarten) | 1 Hour Classes


This “continued” class allows students with dance experience the opportunity to build on their dance basics in ballet and tap at a more focused level.

Kindergarten/1st Grade | 1 Hour Classes


We offer a combination of both rhythmic and broadway tap. Our focus is on the importance of musicality within the style and also the dance performance. Tap creates an awareness of beat, timing and rhythm. We love tap at TDS, we can’t stop our toes from tappin’!

3rd Grade to Adult | 1 Hour Classes


Jazz is an ever-changing art form that draws inspiration from music of today and jazz greats of the past. We teach an incredible range of jazz styles in each class from theatrical to jazz funk. We create high energy classes filled with turns, leaps, kicks, isolations and fluidity all while keeping a smile on the dancers’ faces!

1st Grade to Adult | 1 Hour Class


Lyrical brings the lyrics of song to life. It combines the technique of ballet and contemporary dance to create emotion. Lyrical is usually a slower moving style, but can also be very sharp and fast paced. Our students love exploring new ways to express themselves through this style of dance.

1st Grade to Adult | 1 Hour Class


Hip hop is an upbeat, power packed style of dance requiring strength and control. Our classes are influenced by breaking, popping and overall sassiness! It’s a fun, free flowing style that promotes creativity and boldness!

1st Grade to Adult | 1 Hour Class

Ballet at The Dance Studio

We believe that ballet is the foundation for success in all styles of dance. At TDS we focus on both the Vaganova and Cecchetti Methods. Our ballet instructors come from many different backgrounds and are able to pass on a vast amount of knowledge to the students. We feel it is important for students to be aware of multiple styles of ballet, so they are prepared if they choose to pursue a professional career in dance. Plus it’s fun and interesting!

Ballet Performance 

A ballet class using light, graceful, and fluid movements necessary for ballet that focuses on choreography and performing ballet away from the barre.

1st Grade to Adult | 1 Hour Classes

Ballet Technique

A ballet class that focuses on building the proper body movement needed to perform ballet correctly. In general, half of class time is spent at the barre and half center floor.  Barre work is necessary to initiate the fine movements of ballet repeatedly to establish proper muscle memory and prepare the dancer to be able to perform center floor using the proper muscles and technique for choreography. Center floor allows the student to use their technique training with choreography.   A great foundation class for all styles of dance.

5th Grade to Adult | 1 – 2 hr classes


Pointe is an extension of ballet. It is offered to students who have passed pointe evaluations and met the strength and flexibility standards required at TDS to safely support themselves on pointe.

Teacher Invite | 30 min – classes (in addition to Technique)


When dancers reach a certain level of ballet technique they are able to take adagio-a partnering class with lifters. Many of the dads at the studio will be able to dance with their daughters when they reach this level!

Teacher Invite | 1–2 Hour Class