$15 / per dancer

All new and returning dancers must register to guarantee a place in their class(es). Classes are filled when registration is received on a first-come first-serve basis. No registrations will be accepted if the student has an outstanding balance. Registration is non-refundable and is paid once per session.

2023-2024 Dance Tuition

Tuition is charged at the first of the month to your card on file

Performance Classes

We work hard to keep our tuition affordable for everyone and think we provide some dynamite classes for your dancers too!  As costs have been rising, we also need to adjust at the studio.  Tuition rates for 2023-2024 are below:

Performance Class 1

$70 / mo.

Performance Class 2

$65 / mo.

Performance Class 3 

$60 / mo.

Performance Class 4+

$60 / mo.

Ballet / Technique

Ballet Technique 1

$55 / mo.

1 hour technique class

Ballet Technique 2

$85 / mo.

2 hour technique class


$25 / mo.

30 min pointe class

Private Lessons

Private Lesson

$70 / hr

One hour private lesson. Private lessons can be arranged through The Dance Studio in all styles of dance taught at TDS. They include one-on-one instruction from one of our extraordinary instructors for an hour. Private lessons are scheduled based on studio space and teacher availability and are for dancers enrolled in the current dance year.

Discounts & Fees

Family Member Discount 

Additional Dancers

1st class and 2nd class / $65

Additional classes / $60

NOTE: There is no family member discount for ballet technique classes.


Costume / $55-$80+Tax

Due December: per costume, June production only, includes production tights

Professional Video Links / $20

Due January: per student, includes June productions and Winter Showcase

Late Fees


A $10.00 late charge will be added to any account still outstanding on the 10th of the month. To keep things behind the scene running smoothly and dancers dancing it’s important that tuition payments are made on time. For that reason we impose a firm a policy on late payments.

NSF Check


A $25.00 charge will be added for NSF checks or failed recurring payment charge.